Mental Heath in the Tech World: CMHA Mental Health Week

May 6, 2019

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By admin

The tech industry is built on constant innovation.

Tech is fast-paced, and this sector can often come with high-stakes, high-expectations, and high-stress for those working within it.

Since tech is often about maximizing opportunities before your competitors, many people working in tech feel as though it’s crucial to work 24/7 to stay at the front of the latest technology or risk falling behind. For many organizations – especially start-ups – small teams are often challenged with the task of managing a large workload, as well as other responsibilities.

Long hours, stress, and financial risk can have serious implications for mental health. In recent years, the discussion regarding mental health and tech is finally beginning to become more prevalent. However, it’s important to note that mental illness can permeate all industries and all facets of life. In fact, according to the CMHA, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience mental illness during any given year.

At CTO Boost, we’re committed to opening up the conversation about mental health both at home and in the workplace. Nobody should struggle in silence, and everyone should have access to the tools and resources that they need to cope with stress and mental illness. By joining the conversation, you can help ensure that everyone has a healthier environment to work in and live in.

From May 6-12, it is the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) Mental Health Week. During this week, CMHA encourages individuals to #GetLoud about what mental health really is. Below are 15 strategies to help you feel well and thrive in your life, courtesy of the CMHA.

1. Start the day off fresh

Try to treat each day as a brand-new day and make a conscious effort to slow down and breathe.

2. Focus on the positives

At the end of each day, make a list of what went well, and what your role in it was. Being grateful and appreciative of even the smallest moments can enhance mental health.

3. Get outside

Unwind outside: go for a walk, play with your pet or kids, or read a book under a tree.

4. Look at the bigger picture

Think about what is meaningful to you and jot a few things down.

5. Treat yourself

Treat yourself to something that you might typically deny yourself.

6. Embrace culture

Reflect on your heritage or identity and do something to celebrate it.

7. Be active

Head out to the park, go for a walk or run, or take a trip to the gym.

8. Use your resources

Make use of your resources, tools, and support systems.

9. Learn something new

Do you want to learn a new language or skill? Go online and try to teach yourself something new!

10. Find meaning

Think about what you are passionate about and what gives you a sense of meaning throughout your day.

11. Enjoy yourself

Give yourself at least one hour a day to do what YOU want.

12. Connect

Reach out to a friend, family member, or co-worker and arrange a meeting.

13. Disconnect

Turn off your phone, laptop, and TV. Give yourself an hour to disconnect each day.

14. Take time to breathe

Get comfortable on a chair, bed, or the floor, and take a few minutes to just breathe.

15. Enjoy nature

Go for a walk in a natural setting and give yourself a few moments to appreciate your surroundings.