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Many firms kickstarted business innovation out of necessity to maintain a competitive edge during the pandemic. This business transformation can often feel just beyond your grasp, but it does not have to be that way!

Join the upcoming Name of the event to understand the rapid change associated with the digital world, discover the opportunities provided by new technologies, and identify how companies are accelerating companywide transformation through modernization and utilization of IoT devices.

This event carves out a space to think and explore how we all need to adapt to this exciting but also challenging digital world, no matter the stage you are in that journey.

What to expect:

-Solution Specialists offering their incredible insights into business and digital transformation and sharing real business use cases.
-Learning opportunities to know how C-level executives are adapting to the digital transformation and what different approaches they are taking.
-Exposure to how tech companies understand big data and transform organizations into more efficient and productive entities.
-Remote conference platform that allows you to log in from wherever you may be working.
-Interactive & engaging event that allows you direct communication with the speakers & experts.
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The best representatives of the industry will share their experience and projects
James Colvin
Data Architect at Datastax
Francisca Figueroa
Event and Partners Marketer at Datanaya
Rehan Sadiq
Director Strategic Alliances - Trifacta
Gurminder Kandola
CEO at Datanaya
Elie Makhoul
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