Customer 360
We think your data is trying to say something, but it's your
customer who needs to find the story compelling.

We're not going to bore you with details about
advanced analytics and data management, because we know your customers are only interested in one thing – how it benefits them.

So, while all that tech-talk makes you more appealing in our opinion, our goal remains simple – to help you attract customers through a personalized experience that makes them feel connected, understood, and
ready for a long-term commitment.

Let Us Take You
On A Journey.
Carl just had a baby. The days of drooling over his MINI COOPER have been replaced with drooling over ultrasound pictures and four-door luxury features. Through online research, Carl didn't notice much of a difference between car dealerships, until he came across yours.

Here's why.
But the relationship
doesn't stop there.
Book A Test Drive
By answering a few questions on your website, Carl will be matched with a selection of vehicles that suits his needs.
Carls' profile is created in your CRM system with the information provided and is available across all departments. A sales rep is now able to determine Carls' vehicle requirments and can make recommendations based on the data.
Carl receives an automatic email that provides his top
vehicle matches. With a click of a button, Carl can
book a test drive online, all from the comfort
of his home.
At the test drive, the sales rep engages with Carl to learn more about what he is looking for. Those details are added to Carls profile manually and the CRM system is automatically updated, generating real-time reporting along with the sale documentation.

Carls customer experience lead him to purchase his new four-door luxury car! Carl can now download your one-of-a-kind service app, which allows him to view accessories and service options tailored specifically to his vehicle.

Using powerful intel that is now in your database, your marketing team can make purchase suggestions based on Carl's preferences and target new customers in his demographic.
A few months later, Carl decides to bring his vehicle in for snow tires. He can book that appointment through the app and view his service history.
Every time Carl books a service appointment, the details are logged and tracked online, updated in the CRM and visible through the app.
Service & IT
A year later, Carl is wondering how much money is still owed on his lease, he simply needs to open the app.
By supporting Carl before, during and after his purchase, you are ensuring he'll never need to look elsewhere. You can continue to enhance Carl's experience via service alerts and personalized content.
Carl's Customer Journey
How Customer 360 Helps You
Carl enjoyed the sales journey and feels he made a well-informed decision. You have now secured a loyal customer who will stay engaged with your brand, continue to make product purchases, and share his positive experience with friends and family!
During the course of Carls' Customer
Journey, Carl will engage with the Marketing, Sales, Service and IT departments.
Datanaya's Customer 360
Customer 360 uses advanced data management tools and cloud computing technology to drive customer engagement through highly personalized experience. We use a four-phase approach to build your personalized database software.

Phase 1: We define your use case based on your company's key requirements and business objectives.

Phase 2:
We locate your data then prepare it to be transitioned for analysis, reporting and data science.

Phase 3: We connect and cleanse your systems so you can see your data clearly and start connecting it to what your customers want.

Phase 4: We master your data into a final customer record that becomes the foundation for your proven customer profile.

Benefits Of Customer 360
Drive Customer Intelligence
Use powerful intel to guide your customers' online journey and meet them where they're at, every step of the way.

Holistic Customer View
Capture and merge data from multiple channels and systems, in real time. No more fragments, just one unified view.
Purchase Prediction
Leverage the power of machine learning to collect your clients' transactional history and make predictions to direct their future purchases.

Real Time Insights
Turn of-the-moment insights into logical suggestions that keep your customers engaged and moving through the buying cycle.
When You Win
We Win!

The more you understand what makes your customers tick, the more personalized service you can provide. With Customer 360, you'll have powerful insights to help you accomplish that goal – it's an all-in one-solution that strengthens the connection between your customers' needs and your product or service. Our job isn't done until you succeed.