Why Datanaya
Datanaya knows data. We work with it everyday.
To design and develop data solutions that make sense.

How We Work
Hybrid team design
Two heads are better than one right. We don't stop at just two. Our multidisciplinary teams are put together specifically for your project to make sure we have the perfect spread and depth of experience and cultural cohesion that will excel your project forward.
Scale for Growth
Scalable is overused buzzword in our industry. When we say scalable, we mean it. Our leadership is deeply rooted in a first mover, fast growth mindset. They understand what it takes to scale technologies commercially and win, because they have lived it at some of the most disruptive organizations of the last decade.
Our talent are certified engineers specializing in their fields. This means that we bring you certified solutions, from industry experts.

No half measures or shortcuts.

Our Approach
Agile since day one. Our team are committed to delivering your project at speed with a clear roadmap, open communication and transparent delivery.

We code everything from the ground up tailored for your enterprise. This means our solutions are made to work seamlessly without any proviso's or quid pro quo's
Our operating model is built of the fundamental principle of partnership, meaning everything we deliver we do with a view to transferring as much value and IP into your people as possible. We don't hide behind process to keep you in the dark, we make you a part fo the process from the very beginning.
We build solutions that are made for today, and ready for tomorrow. Our teams challenge each other so that you don't have to, to ensure every solution we touch, is built with the future in mind, to deliver ongoing strategic value for years to come.
The DNA of Champions
Tech Pedigree
Canada's elite technical talent comes to us. Our technology specialists are among the most highly engaged in the industry. Our passionate for solutions, and making technology simple, not complex, is part of our pride. Where others stand over you with technical jargon, we will talk to you in plain simple terms you understand. The truth is technology is complex. But let's have a conversation, not a lecture.
Grooming the next generation of leaders is in our DNA. We're proud to have exceptional leaders who are involved in one on one development of talent.
Our roots in the tech community is a vital tenant of our culture within the company. Our people regularly present talks to give back and invest in the community that got us here.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of an individual approach to every client.