Data Science
Data is your superpower.
You know data can provide powerful insights to inform your business and stimulate growth, but sometimes it feels more like kryptonite than a source of power.

Data Scientists are your Clark Kent. They're equipped with superhuman skills to scale mountains of complex data and find the hidden gems.

These tools are your gateway to analyze, manipulate, and interpolate your data to improve customer experience and give you a competitive edge.
Use Cases

Have you ever wondered why the perfect pair of sneakers seems to magically appear in your online feed, just when you're thinking about taking up running?

While it can seem like the universe is speaking to you, it's more likely you were blessed by the power of a recommendation engine – running in the background with hundreds of invisible algorithms that are paying attention to the products and content you search for online, every single day.

Used in this way, data science saves you time and makes your life (and shopping decisions) easier.

Drug Development

Computational drug discovery is the future. Algorithms have the power to radically change the way we forecast real-world lab experiments and scale research – omitting the need to physically run millions of tests in a lab.

Data science is an exciting driver of innovation in vaccines, longer life spans, and new medicine.

• Identify and refine target audience

• Discover opportunity

• Trend analysis to inform goal setting

• Increased team focus and definition of important factors and goals

• Improved decision making from quantifiable, evidence-based data

• High-grade data to support less 'gut-feel' and more finger-on-the-pulse leadership

· Decision testing