Datanaya Transforms Canada's Big Banks with Enterprise-Wide Unification of Customer Data

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Datanaya worked with one of Canada's largest banks to break data silos and create a unified data location, providing a 360° customer view.

During client onboarding, accounts were created with separate client IDs, meaning there was no full client profile view. This bred inaccuracies with names, addresses, places of work, etc.

Data was siloed across departments and tracing client activity was one of the biggest struggles and bottlenecks within the organization.

Single Unified View
Datanaya implemented Customer 360 to remove discrepancies and merge cross-department customer information into one consolidated database. Our goal was to provide a single unified view to help our client improve their response to customer needs, provide support, and understand personas to identify potential future customers.

Prior to implementing Customer 360, analysts lacked the capability to query multiple client profiles or answer questions such as, "Is my client at a life stage where they may be looking for a mortgage in the next year?" or "Which clients are in a low income and/or high risk bracket?"

Recognize Customer Needs
The bank did not account for a means to obtain a consolidated client profile or timeline to identify life changes that would allow analysts to recognize coming needs. We were able to address that demand and organize data in a single view.

Datanaya provided technical support and training throughout and after the process. The bank can now manage the platform independently, better identify customers' financial needs, and confidently provide solutions to ensure an elevated customer experience.