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Datanaya is a Toronto-based data engineering firm specializing in customer data transformation. We help medium to large-sized companies lacking the resources, skills, or know-how, unlock the business value of their customer data. We can help regardless of where you are on your customer data journey.
Our Services
Datanaya's multi-phase approach considers all areas of the data flow process, from the data source to the end user.
    Improve the decision-making process with actionable analytics.
    Get real-time insights and make faster decisions.
    Get the most out of your interactions with customers and boost your customer experience.
    Enable users to visualize the customer journey in full context across a variety of channels and discover omnichannel insights in real-time.
    Activate relevant data automatically for real-time experience delivery to your customers.
    See you what customers want right now and build experiences on it by using data from different platforms.
    IoT and Data Consolidation
    Data is an absolute differentiator empowering organizations to drive competitive advantage by enabling access to relevant information and improving the decision-making process.
    Our data consultants leverage their rich experience in business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing to produce operational insight for your business. Our team's background includes Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of vertical markets, including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, and utilities.
    Our data architects are the leading technical experts in designing both traditional and modern data infrastructures. Our seasoned team has experience across a wide array of industries, giving them real-world experience to address your specific concerns and needs.
    Our delivery engineers have in-depth experience with the development, implementation, troubleshooting, and optimization of modern and traditional data solutions across many platforms. Our team is trained and certified in the most effective processes and systems, including premier Hadoop distribution. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
    Custom Data Solutions to Support Modernization
    Start your digital transformation journey today. From real-time insights to a holistic overview of your data.
    Data Platform Modernization
    Implementing a strategic approach to platform modernization can reduce infrastructure costs and achieve greater capabilities and flexibility. Our experts guide your team to design and implement a technology stack, on-premises or in the cloud, capable of supporting the ever-expanding demands of analytics workloads.

    Harnessing the power of data is critical to business competitiveness. IT leaders are challenged to efficiently provide information faster, and more complete to line-of-business leaders and analysts.

    Whether considering an EDW offload solution, building a data lake, placing data on-premises or in the cloud, or leveraging new emerging technologies, our data consultants understand the challenges and have a plan to help. We'll guide your team to develop a roadmap that ensures your infrastructure is purpose-built to support the data initiatives critical to your users.

    With deep experience in traditional and next-generation data platforms and open source and proprietary tools, our team will help you navigate the ever-changing technology landscape, ensuring you arrive at the right solution for your business.
    Data Management & Governance
    Ensuring that teams rely on clean and consistent data is imperative—challenges with data integrity undermine analytics efforts. Our experts help you redefine strategy and align architecture to support policies around data governance and data management, while addressing key issues such as data integration and data quality.

    Technology creates awareness - governance drives accountability.

    Creating a data-driven organization is complex and challenging. IT leaders face technical and cultural obstacles that impact abilities to effectively launch a data management and governance model that harnesses the power of data.

    As the sheer volume of data grows, organizations struggle to identify the tools and processes required to support and facilitate users and their decision-making processes. Our team of Data Management Consultants can help your business effectively manage data complexity and enable business value via effective governing of information assets across organizational and technological boundaries—get ready to improve efficiency, promote transparency, and enable business insight.
    Advanced Analytics
    Extending your analytics strategy and capabilities into the new age of data intelligence is essential. Our team of data architects and data scientists possess deep expertise in the next era of business intelligence – including machine learning and deep learning – and can help you gain insights from your data you never knew were possible.
    Customer 360
    Datanaya works with Uniform Customer Model, Journey Mapping, Visualizations, and smart targeting in Customer 360.
    Targeting prospective customers has never been easier thanks to smart targeting and campaign management. For a deeper look, we offer segmentation for customer targeting by demographic, along with the ability to view individual journey maps.
    Avoid churn with customer scoring, augmented by machine learning and graph to pinpoint silent complaints and take action immediately. Elevate your customer retention one step further with personalization capabilities that optimize by product, customer relationships, and loyalty.
    Customize recommendations for cross-selling and upselling, or use specific case recommendations for the best next conversation. With a graph and machine learning, you can utilize customer analytics to bring new patterns to light that you've never seen before.
    Customer Journey Analytics
    A solution that brings the interactive, self-serve experience of Analysis Workspace to omnichannel customer data.
    Unlock Value
    Improve the maturity of your data and AI capabilities to deliver core business value by monetizing business strategy and maximizing efficiencies.
    Profitable Partnership
    Build an ecosystem of partners to extend your capabilities and offerings and, thus, create new opportunities for engagement and a better customer experience.
    Business Model Differentiation
    Leverage data and AI to extend into new domains, reinvent your offerings, and evolve with the confidence you can scale to meet changing demand and priorities.
    Customer Journey Orchestration
    Intelligently anticipate and address individual's needs by activating your data in real-time, across channels to orchestrate experience at scale.
    Cohesive and Open
    Journey Orchestration allows engagement across any data source and channel. which enables cohesiveness in the customer data for a better customer experience.
    Scalable, Real-time
    The schema set-up for data extraction enables getting real-time data and providing experience based on the same. Thus, processing 1:1 throughout customer journeys.
    The user interface is very easy to navigate and take actions in order to scale the business opportunity. It helps to visualize and monitor individual journeys.
    Customer Experience Platform
    Unlock marketing transformation

    We change marketing by reimagining experiences to prepare brands for today and tomorrow. Our continuous marketing transformation helps businesses unlock efficiency to reinvest in performance and relevance at scale.

    Reimagine service with purpose

    We reimagine and redesign omnichannel, purpose-driven customer service solutions. By focusing on a core purpose, we help meet customers' needs, engaging them in brand relevant experiences and shifting the focus from cost to growth.

    Deliver Unified brand experiences

    We create experiences centered on a unique brand purpose, that close the gap between brand promise and customer experience.

    Why Choose Us?
    Community Builder
    We believe in building a like-minded community to help each other grow and succeed.
    Dedicated Team
    Our team of professionals is specialized in data-optimization and digital transformation to provide customized business solutions.
    Holistic Approach
    We specialize in providing holistic solutions that allow businesses to scale and use their data to the utmost efficiency.
    Delivering ROI on Data Projects
    Our team removes the challenge of calculating ROI and delivering results on data projects – a critical step in the current digital transformation economy
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